Introducing our newest book, Rhino & Dino in: Juice!, the cutely fun and funny first book of the series. Reviews are listed on our review page. Find a synopsis and learn how to preorder Juice! below!

Erin Kant Barnard with New Rhino and Din

Rhino & Dino make the news!
Here are links to the book and the newspaper article.

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Erin Kant Barnard excited to show the Waushara Argus newpaper article.

About Mom Needs a Dinosaur!: "A hilarious and wonderfully-illustrated picture book guaranteed to delight young readers." Karen McQuestion, author of Celia and the Fairies

The Barnards in t-rex costumes for Halloween!
The Barnards cats (a.k.a. "junior advisors") laying on the washing machine.

Rocket & Robyn

Junior Advisors



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Seabear Press is a small, multi-faceted press consisting of a husband and wife team. Kent and Erin Barnard live in a small village in Wisconsin, where Kent is the librarian, and Erin is an illustrator who works from her Tiki Room Studio at home. The Barnards have two wonderful (and definitely not spoiled), ginger rescue cats, Rocket and Robyn.


We are proud to introduce our first offering - Mom Needs a Dinosaur!, a picture book to enchant children ages 2-7.

Seabear Press' second book - Rhino & Dino in: Juice! is the first in a funny new picture book series that is set to come out in September of 2021. See the information above to get our preorder special which is available now until August 31, 2021.


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