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Learn about the Barnards! The author and illustrator that brought you smash picture book hit, Mom Needs a Dinosur!

More about The Barnards!

Bio of Kent Barnard


Kent has loved science, history and books (comic books and reading the backs, sides and fronts of cereal boxes), since he learned to read before kindergarten! While he never got his mom a dinosaur, they saw many fossils and displays over the years! He wrote Mom Needs a Dinosaur! for his mom, who also loved everything science. Kent lives in Wisconsin with his wife Erin (the illustrator) and their two ginger kitties (the junior advisors), Rocket and Robyn.

Illustrator Erin Kant Barnard and author Kent Barnard with their first picture book together, Mom Needs a Dinosaur!

Erin and Kent Barnard excited to show you their first picture book together!

Surprised cricket from the Rhino & Dino
Author Kent Barnard and illustrator Erin Kant Barnard with a raptor!

Kent and Erin with a raptor friend of theirs!

Bio of Erin Kant Barnard


When Erin was a kid she considered being a paleontologist, but has always loved drawing the most. In fact, she studied hard and got her classwork done quickly just so she could doodle. This got her into trouble because the teachers found that the rest of the class would watch her instead of finishing their own work. In the 4th grade she was actually forbidden to draw for that entire year! [Erin says: "It was tough, forced to just sit there without paper or books or anything. So I imagined stories in my head instead. And look at me now, Mrs. Doty!]. While Mom Needs a Dinosaur! is her first picture book and the Rhino & Dino series is her first as an author/illustrator, Erin Kant Barnard has illustrated hundreds of educational titles around the world, including Kagan Cooperative Learning which has so far sold almost a million copies. Illustrating suits Erin, as she finds she'd much rather draw dinosaurs than dig them up!

Outside of what she does with Seabear Press, more work of Erin's can be found at her store, website, Facebook (which she adds to weekly) and Instagram pages (which she tries to add to bi-weekly)... or you can check out Erin's secret page (but shh! don't tell anyone!).

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