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Mom Needs a Dinosaur! What's Your Dinosaur Name? Game
Mom Needs a Dinosaur! easy word search

What's Your Dinosaur Name? - Use the key to find out your very own dinosaur name!

Easier Word Search - Help find out what is inside Mom's present!                     

Mom Needs a Dinosaur! hard word search
Mom Needs a Dinosaur! connect the dots game

Connect the Dots and Color - Figure out

what's happening in the living room!

Raptor Bookmarks - 5 per page! Just enough to keep one for yourself and share the rest with your four best friends! ... Or enough to have four spares if you're like The Barnards who lose their bookmarks often!

T-rex Bookmarks - Also 5 per page! For extra fun, cut off the orange background along the top the the T-rex's head. Then when you put it in your copy of Mom Needs a Dinosaur!, it will look like the T-rex is poking his head out of your book!

Bonus Fun Fact!

Did you know that there is a search game inside of your Mom Needs a Dinosaur! book? There is! Look at the orange pages at the end of the story. These are filled with objects that you can try and find throughout the book! Check it out to continue the fun offline!

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