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Dino wants some juice
Rhino drinks juice
Rhino & Dino in: Juice! picture book cover
Rhino & Dino in_ First! Cover
5-star Readers' Favorite Review Medal

"Fans of Elephant and Piggie will love Rhino and Dino!... Rhino and Dino in Juice! will have kids and adults laughing out loud... I highly recommend!" –Kristine Zimmerman, Reader's Favorite Reviewer (click to see full review)

"Adorable, laugh out loud, fun! Perfect for Elephant and Piggie fans. Rhino & Dino are another lovable duo that kids of all ages can relate to and laugh with. Learning to read should always be this fun!"  –Nicole, librarian

"We all know someone like Dino - which makes this book easy to love. I can't wait to share it with the littles in my life."  –Linda, librarian

"Rhino & Dino are a delightful friendship duo whose stories are bound to keep young minds intrigued. With fantastic illustrations and humorous text, Barnard seamlessly weaves tales of friendship with helpful tips about saving the environment. Rhino & Dino are bound to take over the picture book market and are a librarian's storytime dream come true!"  –Jackie, librarian

"I kept laughing out loud reading it at my meeting! They are just the best books."  –Amanda, librarian

" Something very charming can happen when you read these books. Not only are the stories very sweet about two best friends sharing everyday situations, but also, their journeys come with a splendid message for little ones."  –Becky and Ginny, publications manager and copy editor

Kid Reviews
Johnny reading with his grandma while Rhino & Dino photo-bomb

"Dang cute!" and "For the love of termites! This really is an enjoyable book." –Diane, librarian

"THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Next Elephant and Piggie. I feel it."  –Rachel, school librarian

"Grab a juice box and enjoy this adorable and refreshing tale about sharing. I love it! relatable to kids AND adults!"  –Hannah, librarian

" I love it when Dino is all sad. It's funny!"  –Adeline, age 4

"I laughed my butt off!"  –Jayden, age 7

"It's cute! I loved it!"  –Aubry, age 6

"I like the rhino."  –Milo, age 5

"That's funny like CRAZY funny!" –Nick, age 5

"Dino is SO CUTE. But he can't sing at all!"  –Sophie, age 6

"Where's the next one? I want to read it!"  –Josh, age 8,
       and "YEAHHH!" –Sylvie, age 6

"Rhino and Dino are cute, colorful characters that kids can relate to. I love Rhino & Dino, you will too!" –Terri, Erin Kant Barnard's mom

Mom Needs a Dinosaur Reviews
Mom Needs a Dinosaur! picture book cover
Mom and son with Apatosaurus
Clouds from Mom Needs a Dinosaur!
Cloud from Mom Needs a Dinosaur

"A hilarious and wonderfully-illustrated picture book guaranteed to delight young readers."
 – Karen McQuestion, author of Celia and the Fairies

"Colorful and fun! Very cute children's book. This book shares the thoughtfulness and imagination of a young boy as he determines the best gift for his mom's special day. Playful art makes kids laugh as mom receives a dinosaur from her son. Plus you get a review of the dinosaur types."  – Bridgette K.

"Great book for dinosaur lovers of all ages! Who doesn't like dinosaurs??? A great book for my two nephews. They love it! Their mom reads it to them every night... a great learning tool about different types of dinosaurs! The illustrations are GREAT."  – Waynette B.

"Awesome book! I gave 3 of these to my grandchildren. They absolutely loved the pictures and the story. The colorful pictures really captivated the younger children. Awesome book."  – Kathleen G.

"Cute story! Just got this book for my granddaughter at a book signing, and it's great for a young child. The story is cute, and the illustrations are wonderful."  – Karen R.

"Well done! Just received the book! Cute story and the illustrations are well done and sized well! Readable. The ending is a surprise! Plenty of kinds of dinosaurs that are depicted as large in the book. Colors are nice and bright."  – Nancy C.

"5 out of 5 stars.
Your kids will LOVE this.
Amazing product and so happy to have received mine as a gift for my daughter. It's extremely helpful in building her reading confidence, the pictures are amazing and perfectly align with the story. When she has trouble with a bigger word I have her look at the picture(s) to aid with sounding it out. She's already taken it to school to show. I will definitely be ordering more copies to pass out to nieces and nephews. Love it!!!!"  – Traves G.

"Perfection. Absolutely incredible debut picture book by this dynamic duo! It is humorous, educational, and the illustrations are fantastic! I highly recommend this for any little fans of dinosaurs... it would even work well with a school unit on dinos."  – Jackie R.

"Wonderful book for children! The story is fun to read plus it teaches kids all about dinosaurs. The pictures are well done and they are cute. Just right for kids."  – Aleda K.

"Charming story for boys and girls. This book has delightful, bright illustrations with charming details and a story that is so much more than dinosaurs. Love that it was published and printed in the U.S., too. Highly recommend as a gift. Looking forward to more stories from the folks at Seabear Press."  – Tess B.

"Fun reading with the grandchildren. The kids recognized more dinosaurs than I did."  – Eugene C.

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Read Alikes

If you loved our books, then chances are that you will like these too. Happy reading!

Rhino reads while Dino listens

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Ant Love Looking Right

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- The Elephant & Piggie series by Mo Willems
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- The I Don't Want to Be a Frog series by Dev Petty
- Mom Needs a Dinosaur! by Kent Barnard

Julia Reading Juice with Rhino & Dino
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