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Welcome to my Secret Illustration Page! Congratulations on finding it!

These are just a few illustrations that I wanted to share with you. If you want to see more, you'll have to visit my Facebook page. I'm on Instagram too, but not often. I'd rather be drawing! Thanks for visiting, enjoy!

         -Erin Kant Barnard

Hand character from Rhino & Dino in: First!
Dino picture book illustrations by Erin Kant Barnard

This is the first character model sheet that I did for Dino! The very first drawing of him is the one where he's sitting down above his name. And from there things took off because I loved it and just couldn't stop drawing him!

2 years of work in Erin's closet

"These are the character design ideas that I came up with before deciding on a final (the one in color). Mrs. Brainymane is a new character that is "sort of" introduced by Dino in Rhino & Dino in: First!

Did you know that originally this character was going to be a lion? But I felt that since schools (erroneously) teach that only male lions have manes, I was worried that kids (and those that teach them this) might get confused and start writing me misguided letters! So I changed her to a horse! The lion version is in my first draft of First!

Mrs. Brainymane Character Concept Sheet
Girl picture book illustrations by Erin Kant Barnard

These are a few sketches of the main character from one of my finished books that I hope to get published. It takes a lot of time and money to publish a book! The colored pose is what the character looks like in what (I feel) is my most laugh out loud funny picture book so far! 

Hula Shark by Erin Kant Barnard

Fun Fact: I love sharks! I get just as excited when it's Shark Week as I do when it's Christmas. And that's a lot!

Since this picture was taken, I have started putting 3 picture books in each drawer instead of the 1 you see here. I also had to buy more drawers. They're full too. Making books is really hard work, but I think that if you love what you do, then it doesn't feel like hard work at all. :D

Well, it's time for me to get back to the drawing board! More art coming soon. Thanks for visiting!

Don't forget to grab a book while you're here!

Happy Kitty Strut illustration by Erin Kant Barnard
Erin with Fire Breath
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