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Post #2- The Origin of Mom Needs a Dinosaur! by Kent Barnard

Meet Anthony! Anthony is the inspiration for our book!

When I became the Director of the Patterson Memorial Library, Anthony and his mom were the first to come to the new Mr. Kent's Storytime at the library.

Anthony loved dinosaurs. Every week, when he and his mom came to storytime with his sister, Julia, he would return dinosaur books, then check out more dinosaur books. Anthony read every dinosaur book in the library several times!

One day, we were talking about birthdays, and I asked who had a birthday coming up. Anthony said, "My mom has a birthday coming!" When I asked him what he was getting her for her birthday he said, excited and happily, "A dinosaur!"

I thought, of course, what else would you get her? I thought it was a great idea for a book, so I started writing "A Dinosaur For Mom!" in 2012.

So, after 7 years, here is Anthony now with his own very special copy of "Mom Needs a Dinosaur!", our first book!

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Anthony, Kent and Erin at the Mom Needs a Dinosaur Premiere!

Post #1- It's official! Our first picturebook, Mom Needs a Dinosaur! has hit! We are pleased to announce that it can be found online and in book stores around the world including Barnes and Noble, Amazon and independent bookstores. For libraries and schools, please look for the book in the next edition of Ingram Spark's magazine.

To get a copy now, the link to Barnes and Noble is here or try this list of all of the good folks that sell our book. We have found that (other than purchasing from us, of course) that Barnes and Noble is the best place to get the book. The price is $16.99 with FREE shipping that takes only a few days (this is both cheaper than Wal-Mart and faster than Amazon!).

If you want a signed and personalized copy, we have PayPal in our shop! The information that we will need from you is listed here. The Barnards both sign the book and Erin always draws a dinosaur inside too!

Want to know more? Here's a description of Mom Needs a Dinosaur!:


Mom's big day is coming quick!
Would a dino do the trick?

Mom Needs a Dinosaur! is the answer for when a child can't decide what to get Mom for her big day... why, a dinosaur, of course! While this delightfully-rhyming and whimsically-illustrated picture book adventures through the humorous positives and negatives of gifting several kinds of dinosaur favorites, the child discovers what it is that Mom truly wants in this heartwarming tale.

Packed with dino-mite fun and appeal that is perfect for dinosaur lovers, Mother's Day, birthdays and read-alouds whether it's one-on-one or for group story times. Ages 2-7 (though we think anyone ages 2-107 would enjoy it!). 40 pages of full-spread illustrations.

Mom Needs a Dinosaur! picture book

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