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• Contains fun activities like Rhino & Dino talking puppets, mazes, a pattern maze, door hangers, bookmarks, finger puppets, a word search, crossword, drawing code breaking puzzle, coded riddles,
sudokus, connect the dots, coloring sheets and more!

• There are even a couple of activities that promote social and emotional learning and reading!

• Easy-to-print PDF whether it’s for your class, library, a Rhino & Dino party or stealth program, youth group or for your active little ones at home!

• Something for everyone from ages preschool through 3rd grade!


• Most exciting though is that this is an ever-growing activity booklet! The series creator, Erin Kant Barnard, adds new pages to it whenever a new Rhino & Dino book comes out - and will send free updates to buyers of the PDF! All you have to do is email Seabear Press, asking for the updates. With the release of Rhino & Dino in: First!, the Rhino & Dino Snazzy Jazzy Activity Booklet has already reached a whopping 30 pages! 

Rhino & Dino Snazzy Jazzy Activity Booklet

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